Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Have a teaser for the supposed secret in the Yearbook.

Also, Phil's msn nickname thing (along the lines of...) 
"If you don't submit a profile by today, you'll be forgotten when we're all old and stuff!!!".



ishraq said...

$10 that someone's going to whine about your map and say "Self-deprecating humour is only alright when someone else is doing it" or something with that implication but less well articulated.

Kuoke said...

I discussed it at the Map Co-coordinators Meeting Founders and Co. (AKA in English), and they all said that the groups would be fine, except for maybe the Sissies, but WHAT ARE THEY GONNA DO?!


Do you understand the suggestive input that may be inferred as to the unprovocative nature of the term 'sissies' coupled with the enticing allure of mint cream chocolate ice-cream with a side order of Anthony Mundine, dine, dynaMIGHT.

Anonymous said...

genvinout said...

... wow, so much for secret, Lenggiiee

word veri: lickda