Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shove It, Rehash.

 Neither of the companies replied as of right now.
I'm just going to assume that by ThinkTees ads, that 50 shirts would be $600ish and 100 shirts, $800ish.
(There's also 1000 shirts for 3 dollars each)

B. Sell outside of Country Fair to students in school by individual orders.
PROS: Have the money on hand and sizes will be ensured.
CONS: Probably take ages, school will be on our ass.

C. Sell outside Country Fair to students WITHOUT individual ordering.
PROS: We'll actually have the shirts straight up.
CONS: Money first, possibility of left overs, school will be on our ass.

D. Sell using advertising/groups on Facebook as means to mass advertise/get the entire school.
PROS: Won't have to talk to those fucking juniors. Mass market. School discrepancy.
CONS: We'll obviously have to bring them to school somehow, so school will be on our asses at the last minute. Depending on whether we're collecting money first - that.

E. Advertise using Facebook + use to get a approximation in terms of sizes, numbers, then order the estimate, sell in terms of first come first served.
PROS: Actually the most logical thing to do.
CONS:  Still estimates, will have to deal with the school presumably.

F. Advertise/take orders at Country Fair. This is the first one I thought of but didn't remember until now.
I can't think of any more.
Suggest more.

Additionally there's stickers. 500 stickers for $201 + GST, or 1000 for $251 + GST on clear (no white) vinyl. (Seriously, I'd pay the extra 50 for 500 stickers.) I'm going to ask again about white on vinyl, and also whether they can make a custom shape around the sticker as opposed to having a rectangle sheet with the image on it.


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genvinout said...

anyway, E sounds decent, even though Country Fair is looking a bit messy atm - I'm not sure if I have to do an acoustic set with Nicola, and I'm not sure if the second band I'm in wants to practice for Garnerstock, but right now it's looking most appropriate

for stickers, if you could get like, just some circular stickers, that'd be ace

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