Sunday, August 8, 2010

Under Night Lights.

Selling these mini-posters.

$5 each, $14 if you buy 3. (Yes, I'm a cunt.)
Presumably, I'll get them on the 16th at latest.

Only 9 of each, cause I'm taking one (I'm a cunt, remember), but if they somehow magically get to 1 left, I'll probably sell it if it's high in demand, because realistically, I could get these printed whenever I wanted, so I'd have a technically infinite stock for myself.

FAM - Genvin, Stephen, Jenn, Katie, Blosia, Buxton, Quyen, Brendan Byron, Dannis. (0 left)
AW - Genvin, Stephen, Jenn, Katie, Blosia, Buxton. (3 left)
HH - Genvin, Stephen, Jenn, Katie, Blosia, Buxton, Quyen. (2 left)

Will update this list when buyers change and stuff.

I intend to deliver them all on the same day, as to save me trouble, because I'm fucking cunt like that.


Deevan said...


#JENNZOR said...

I would like to buy one of each please!! No joke.

katie. said...

i'm puzzled as to why i'm not automatically listed for all of them.

Kuoke said...

I only put people who have actually physically said, and thus have proof that they want them.

BLOSIA said...

all too!

genvinout said...

.. would it be viable to buy several of the HH one?
alternatively, y'know what would be great, we should get those printed as stickers. if we actually got that done, I would be thrilled over the moon, although I'm gonna bet getting custom stickery done is gonna be a bitch of a price

genvinout said...

hey wow I just checked instead of doing my Ext 1 essay - for $46.44 (and this includes shipping) we could end up with thirty 7.6cm stickers. shipping is fixed at a little bit over ten bucks.
I can't tell if that's expensive or not, but it sounds pretty good (I think) - for a bit under ten bucks each (each in this case meaning me, you, Katie, Stephen, Bob, who I take as default for examples like these), we could each end up with six fairly okay-ish sized stickers

alternatively, ONE HUNDRED small 3cm ones for the same price.

Kuoke said...

Sure, if you want.

Also, Zazzle? I wouldn't use them cause they're whores.
I'm asking for a quote from these guys because they actually sell holographic stickers.
That is the only reason why.
I'm just going to assume 10cm'ish stickers.

Deevan said...

what about circular ones?
1000 Stickers
any sizes up to
60mm x 60mm

Deevan said...

You reckon anyone'd be up for like a black t-shirt or whatever with the HH crest on it?

Kuoke said...

...Am I the only one that thinks 6x6cm stickers are about as small as my dick when I joke about how small it is?

We still need to do Shove It shirts soon supposedly if we want to sell at country fair (printing time/delivery etc)

Quyen said...


Kuoke said...

So for 500, it's $200, and for 1000 with a clear sticker, it's $250.

I'm asking for a smaller quantity on a different stock now, because what the hell would we even do with that many stickers.

genvinout said...

how's it looking for a range of different sizes in one order? maybe we could get lots of little ones, with a few larger ones thrown in

also Shove It is viable, but I think if we we're gonna sell them at Country Fair, we wouldn't be allowed a stall if that's all we were gonna sell. WHAT I'M THINKING (PROBABLY QUITE IMMATURELY) IS, we get another design in that's not as omgshock and use that as a cover

also, I'd go wild with power if I had 1000 stickers

Kuoke said...

OK, so for digital vinyl, the quality's slightly lower, and it's a bit thicker.
It would be $123 for 100 10cm x 8.6cm stickers.
(How many do we actually want?/What sizes?)

Also, would you want the white fill? Alternatively, we can get full clear stickers with just the black outline.

I can get him to send samples if we want.

@Shoveit, Country Fair is like, 28th or something right? I'd assume 2 weeks beforehand, we would order, so I'll get to work on that as soon as I possibly can.
...Which is now.

You know we could bundle the stickers and the shirt as some sort of marketing scheme. People love stickers. Obviously though, we'd overcharge them for the stickers.

genvinout said...

100 stickers altogether sounds good to me - 20 stickers each? Except Bob, he doesn't want in, so make that 25

I have no idea what digital vinyl is - I'm gonna trust the sticker 'type' and everything with you Quoccy, or at least count on you to cut it down to the best possible options, unless you can't be bothered.. I like the idea of both the white fill and the clear, would it be possible to get a mix? samples would be (Y)

also, an issue with making a second design is the price involved - that's gonna be TWO setup fees, which is normally the most expensive thing. I think. also, if we're making a second design, what of?
bundling also sounds slick, it'll make us look legitimate and everything. I know I love stickers!

Kuoke said...

I was under the impression that you wanted to revamp the design entirely, scrapping the old one, and keeping one new one.

Also, issues include - money, and presumably, sizes of shirts. I'm guessing that 100 shirts would be about a thousand dollars.

I reread the reply, and I think s/he said that if you want the colour 'white' to be printed, you have to order 1000 minimum of that - So I'm thinking either 500/1000 of clear, or 1000 of white.

So, I'd think we presumably keep 50 stickers each (or more), and divide the rest, which would be 8 each, to every shirt purchase. If we get more shirts, we'd just divide it down and stuff.

Also, final issue would be whether there's actually a market demand for them.