Sunday, August 29, 2010

There's Only Enough For One In This.

I told my mother that I would never ever go to university ever because I thought it was stupid. She then proceeded to say to herself "What did I do wrong? [in reference to raising her children]"

I want to hide myself away from every person. Force my self into solitary confinement. My presence is unnecessary. I bring only ruin to those around me. Nor would the presence of others aid some salvation for my heart and mind. They say the difference between an animal and a human is that a human cares. What does that make me?

I do not understand the problem. I will execute the dream. I will don the mask and remove myself from humanity. Collective commune is no means to acquire happiness. I do not understand the relationships. The requirement of others to bear some sort of load, as to alleviate you of your problems. My problems are far too insignificant to share, but they stranglehold my mind in ways that comfort me. If I didn't have these problems, I would dwell in my own confusion as to why to exist.

It would not be just to exist without problems. 
What is life without struggle?
At least by suffering, I know that I have not yet lost the fight.

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