Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Normal, You And Me.

My father found a frog at my uncles house, and thought "I have a pond, therefore it would be a good idea to put the frog in my pond."

There is now a frog in the pond.
Pictures invalid because no one other than he has actually seen the frog.
Elusive frog makes noises, so we're considerably certain it exist.

I was sifting through my drawer and found a one hundred dollar note.
I didn't know that I had one, or how it even got there.
I couldn't tell if it was real or not because I don't handle one hundred dollar notes on a regular basis.
I asked my mother if it was real, and she told me she'd give me back two fifty dollar notes later.

The money has yet to be returned.

In General mathematics, we learnt that minimum wage was $570 a week, or almost $30000 a year provided you worked every week.
I am hoping to get some low end job that requires no skill and effort for this much money, with the addition of art related work on the side.

I'm considerably certain that this will work.

The entire world is falling apart.
Everything is losing meaning.
And this all started with that one incident.
People are starting to lose meaning.
Relationships with other humans is losing meaning.
Exchanges of information between two conscious beings.
 All I can do is watch as people attempt pathetically to 
deny themselves the reality of this meaninglessness.
Flailing around, distracting themselves with a lie, just to avoid what is.
Believing, or rather, Pretending that there is some sort of faint glimmer
lying on the outskirts of the fading horizon.

And worse still, no one dares act against this world.
They are far too afraid, of this
inescapable world.

Positive Mental Attitude was taking so long because I incorrectly set the vanishing points between the sky and the floor, so there ended up being 2 conflicting points of interest.

I'm currently reworking it only recycling the girl.


genvinout said...

looking pretty swell Kwoke - I don't even know what that 2 points of interest things means

also, who wrote that thing about the glimmer on the outskirts of the fading horizon? that's like, really well-written

Kuoke said...

I did.