Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Shove It.


Still have to add black cow patterns to the... cow.
But you get the picture.

Probably going to leave a sketchy effect if this gets the go ahead.



Strabo said...

That cow doesn't look all that scared. I would actually say more "aroused". It looks like the cover of a Mills and Boon romance novel featuring furries and evil Nazi doctors. I mean, sure, that sounds like my kind of literature, but I wouldn't want it on a shirt.

Kuoke said...

It's pretty far from furry. I just have to change the chest region and it should be fine.

genvinout said...

I think second designs looking okay, but I'm thinking, maybe if you made the design bigger on the shirt, and somehow incorporate the words as part of the design?
coz yknow how on the old design, it was image on top of words?
maybe fuse the two somehow?
I'm not sure how, but that's just what I'm thinking