Sunday, September 26, 2010


Bitches and whores, check it:
This is basically what I've been doing.

I just want to say the random infinite terrain generator is epic, see map below:
The game generates the land as you explore, and shit's intense. The only reason I managed to cover so much ground and get to that lake in the bottom left of the map is because I got fucking lost for about 2 hours. (Hence why I got a map generator.)



Strabo said...

What is this? What are the specs? Where do you get it? Other than exploring and building flying (fucking) fortresses, what do you do?

Kuoke said...


The game is actually only under 300kb, and requires you to download Java (10mb?). If you haven't seen this post with the in game screenshot. It's only if you play with the longest draw distance, it starts to lag.

Cost about 15 AUS dollars I think. If you buy the game now (in development) the creator says that you'll get every update forever)

Alternatively, there's the 'creative mode' for free, which is basically the building element of the game, without the survival, but that's gay.

There is actually no objective, because 1. the game is still in alpha and 2. that's the point of the game.

It's a simulator of the founding of man as a species.
This game taps into that tiny reptilian center of your brain established in man's earliest years.
Fear dark.
Love fire.
There are no friends, only vicious enemies (unless you're online)
Build, and make your mark upon the land.

So yeah, pretty much the most pointless game ever, sort of like playing with Lego blocks.
But there's something satisfying about starting with literally nothing and building something awesome block by block.

Kuoke said...

Alternatively, you can do what the guy did on the main page and create a roller coaster. ...Provided you manage to obtain the materials to make it.