Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blogs That Aren't Full Blogs #6.

(I'm pretty sure this is 6 or 7)

To be fair, I Googled 'Illiterate', just to be sure.
Ad from here, in case you were thinking otherwise.
He updated like, literally 2 seconds ago to me copy/pasting the link here.

(This was not worth posting about at all, hence posting it in this post, MOVING ON!)

Hans Zimmer - Dream Within A Dream (Inception)


Posted another song previously, here's another:
Karen Elson - Mouths To Feed.

I keep forgetting if I've posted this before, but this is the original draft for "Raw, Chaotic, Beautiful" before I realised it's the place I used to go fishing with my family.

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genvinout said...

The diagnosis is of Webcomicus Hilarius. As in, it's intentional. Word veri: thousands of penises