Saturday, September 25, 2010

Left To Right.

Write a wall of text saying how emotionally distraught you are. Select all and backspace. Repeatedly.

Short version:
  • 5 months. Thinking of good traits about myself. Came up with 1. Realised it could also be considered a bad thing. Came up with 0.
  • 3 months. Haven't felt anything. Everything is breaking down into single planes of black and white sticks and blocks. I should be scared for what I am becoming - but I can't feel that either.
  • 2 months. The last thing you enjoyed has be obliterated. Drawing feels like a chore now. Life feels like a chore now.
  • 1 month. Unless there is some sort of relay of positive spiritual energies between people in close proximity to one another, relationships, let alone contact with other people seem unnecessary. 
I hate you so much Quoc.

And here's some music to lighten the mood.
Upon finding this song, I found out that one of the brothers who composes this music has died.

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