Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Positive Mental Attitude:  
finishing the sky.
Been working on clouds for the last 2 hours. And by working I mean, painting clouds > Ctrl+A > Ctrl+X > Repeat.
The colour scheme has been changed to orange/purple. I should probably try something else next time.

Future projects:
  • "Rainbow Panda".
    Black and white panda spewing rainbows.
  • "The Girl".
    I drew an alternate version of this in free period.
  • "Heaven In Disguise".
    Idea still pending. Bliss N Eso, "Smoke like a Fire".
  • -Andrew Do's commision-
    There is money involved.
Extended projects (epic and huge):
  • "Up On The Ladder".
    Radiohead. Panorama intended.
  • "Execute The Dream".
    Idea still pending. Double meaning.
Beyond Extended projects (full stories/comics/series of artworks)
  • I have 4 in mind, and they will be revealed in due time.

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