Sunday, September 12, 2010

Toxic Avenger.

Unconfirmed starter Pokemon evolutions:


It got longer. There's actually barely any difference between the first and second stages.

Eh, seems fairly logical.

Oh, second form actually looks pretty bada-- WHY DOES IT EVEN GROW ANOTHER SET OF LEGS - IT'S NOT EVEN AN OTTER ANY MORE.


dannwas said...

All these pokemon are absolutely hideous

Quoc i challenge you to create a pokemon that looks better than these pieces of shit.
Doooo it

dannwas said...

Dangoro looks like my bumhole

Kuoke said...

I'd probably end up drawing something like "Flaccid penis > 'Not-sure-if-want' penis > Raging erection penis".

genvinout said...

yeah these pokemon suck balls. what the fuck is the fire/fighting theme, is it really that hard to think of a fire-type starter that just ISN'T also fighting?