Friday, October 1, 2010

Paint Dry.

No recent updates because for the last two days I've literally been watching grass grow.
Also, I'm pretty sure everyone's off the internet by now because of HSC.
I'll try and keep this short:
Grass grows on dirt when grass is next to it.
Grass is not transportable.
So basically, if you want grass in the sky, you're going to have to connect it to the ground somehow.
Grass also requires sunlight to grow. Each 24 hour cycle in game is about 20 minutes.
Grass grows upwards, diagonally at 2 blocks a day, if you're LUCKY.
My fortress is about 30 blocks up from the ground.

Maths version:
Every 1 hour, I get 6 blocks of grass maximum. (Occasionally, it just doesn't grow at all).
In short, I had to keep the game open for 5-6 hours for grass to climb a staircase.
And this is the result/why.

Additionally, I'm waiting for the grass to cover the lawn. (Isn't as slow, but it'll surely take about an hour.)


Strabo said...

1) Of the Internet? Gee, if I do the 6 hours I'm supposed to be doing (and failing,) then that's still about 10 hours of spare time.

2) Minecraft is one of those things where it seems very easy to make very impressive things. Of course, you read and watch people who make math-equation solving computers, giant planets, and the USS Enterprise in 1:1 scale, but hey.

What I was trying to say in that was: keep us updated with your Minecraft-building-stuff because its interesting and awesome for rather little effort. Keep it up!

Kuoke said...

The planets and the Star Trek things were done in creative, where you get infinite materials. I had to mine all of my shit.

Though, props to the ALU computer making guy.