Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Steps 1 - 5.

Post HSC WoW players, save money.

Recruit a friend system.
I thought this would work in theory, so I looked it up, and I was right.
Vincent said do it in pairs, but then I'm pretty sure it would be better if we chained it.

Basically, recruit a friend means one person refers another person to play WoW.
The basic benefits include:
The person who recruited (veteran) the new person will get 30 days of game time added.
300% exp when partied together.
Ability to summon each other across the map.
Also, something like free levels to the veteran or something, I still don't' understand how that works.
*Up until level 60 or 90 days.
(Downside is technically, you'd be in zones only doing half the quest and they'd turn grey when you're only halfway through)

So Vincent's idea of pairs would mean we'd actually have to be stuck to someone and only half of us would get the 30 day bonus.If we chained it like so:
Person A recruits person B,
person B recruits person C,
then everyone but the last person will get the 30 day bonus, while all of us would be able to party with 2 different people (as opposed to 1) to get the 300% bonus. Additionally, should we all be on at the same time and need to do an instance, we can chain summon.
So really, who ever gets recruited last has to be the most loaded of us all because they have to spend 15$ more.

*When you recruit, the recruit gets a 10 day trial, so if you want to use that, then I'm guessing you get 40 days, should you not be the last person in the chain.

Save 15$ by recruit a friend, receive profits
Save even more by levelling up at 300% meaning we don't have spend more money on game time.
In even shorter, don't make an account because I already did. (I'm not sure if that means bnet, or actual WoW account, cause I made the prior, but just to be safe)(I've been looking around and shit.)

For some reason I can't check the expansions, but Vanilla WoW is only 20$ AUS for a digital purchase (so you only get the key) as opposed to its general 24-30 dollars.
I guess the loss is that for digital purchases you need a Mastercard/Visa or something, and you don't get a fancy ass box. (I would like a box, honestly. But imagine going to the shops and carrying around 5 huge ass boxes of WoW. Seriously, those boxes need to be smaller.)
** I'm looking around, and I'm going to guess that TBC is also 20$, whereas WotLK is $40 for some reason. Cata would probably be 50$ purely because of release.

So probably $80 for up to WotLK should we start playing before Cata, then another 50 after that.
That is, if we digitally purchase.

Buying game == 30 free days.
Recruiting == 30 free days.
So technically you got 60 free days doing this.


dannwas said...

will people be willing to spend 150 bucks on WoW before playing?
we needa get some kinda list of people
also, whats the word that means list of people? its on the tip of my tongue but i cant get it. i remember because on they wrote one on lost when they got on the island, and Ethan wasnt on it. or something like that

Kuoke said...


I'm probably deffers in.

Also answer to your other question:
It tracked my download as 11gb, but the folder ended up being 16.

Buxton said...

Who's shouting at the start?

Kuoke said...

You mean, who's going last and missing out on the 30 day RAF bonus - that's going to be you because you're the riches of us all.

vincent said...

if we chain recruit, everyones got to be about the same level otherwise theres no exp bonus.
btw, im getting the game at jb since ive got gift cards to use.

dannwas said...

you forgot the 10 days free trial! How much would tbc cost at jb? coz i would also like a box

katie. said...

i don't mind being the last person.
'coz i have two 10 day trial passes, not sure how it fits with all this though...
regardless, i don't missing out.

this is me being sissy and sentimental, but i'm kind of sad about the map changes.
i mean, there's a massive chasm of lava in the middle of the barrens!

vincent said...

jb has the battlechest (vanilla+tbc) listed for 59 on their site.

cheapest ive seen so far is at game, which is 54 for an online purchase + free delivery.
its weird though because they have cataclysm for 49 while wotlk is 54.

also, if anyone has time to properly read it:

Kuoke said...

I didn't include the free trial because (I'm assuming) the trial ends as soon as you buy the game (again, assuming).

dannwas said...

is everyne rolling their old specs?

dannwas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vincent said...

yeah im pretty sure the trial ends after you activate the game on the account.


i was thinking of rolling a priest again but i dont mind another class if we're low on certain roles.

if we use the bonus levels from the recruit a friend thing after we hit 60, we can get +30 levels on any alts (except the last person or first).

Kuoke said...

It's worse because allys have moved in and made the Barrens contested territory.

dannwas said...

they even burned down camp taurajo!
we play for 10 days of trial first, then purchase the game after that.
play tank if tommyd is too stingy to play vincent