Saturday, October 16, 2010

Greasy Moose.

Maybe after a couple of months I might start a website which would loosely entail some sort of personal/development/art blog which means I might inevitably leave this one.

Although I'm thinking should I ever make some sort of even semi-professional website, I'd be limited to how many times I'd be able to say 'cock' and 'dick' and 'fuck you assmunch dickwad of TEN mother fuckers".

On a related note, this guy is fucking awesome. He's Australian and regularly voices his own flash animations - and you can so tell. He's currently working on this comic which is up to the third page, is already fucking awesome.

1 comment:

Buxton said...

but if you leave, it'll only be me who's posting on this blog. I mean, noone will be posting on this blog.