Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baggage Dog.

Hey kids, I just woke up from a 3 hour long/short sleep and everything actually looks blurry because I can't focus for shit. Oh also, I have General Maths today. FOR THREE HOURS, WHAT'S UP WITH THAT SHIT.

I'm online cause I'm getting bored, and I'll be downloading Torchlight which apparently is just like a miniature Diablo made by ex-Blizzard employees.

This inability to focus is actually getting really annoying. I can't tell if whether it's actually just because I'm tired, or whether it's because I've been using my eyes beyond fuck since graduation.

*10 minutes and a purchase of Torchlight later, focus seems to be returning.

Additionally, I'll probably get Psychonauts (because I heard it's all the rage of 10 years ago) after I get my gamepad which might actually let me finish MGS and Jet Set Radio.

Btw, I'm stuck at the part with Psycho Mantis, because something something, emulator fucks it up.

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