Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Surfing On A Rocket.

I recorded drawing sessions of the last two SYH's, but they video's are corrupted beyond hell.
Apparently, they took me 1 to do each. I'll possibly try with the Halloween image I posted before.

Also, WoW, I'm pretty sure you have to buy every single game/expansion which totals at about 160 dollars.

Also, I had a dream I killed my dog.


dannwas said...

post more pics of it! i wanna see how it looks now.

also, why do we have to pay for it? why cant we do what we used to do

Kuoke said...

I assumed we were gonna play legit servers.
Also, watch this guys videos because he makes videos of his beta account on cata, and he's also pretty witty in his commentary.

dannwas said...

yeah ive been watching those, pretty interesting..
he actually sounds a lot like brendan byron