Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Extreme Metal.

I mentioned previously that my internet's become awesome because either Bigpond fucked up, or they decided to take their dick out of my ass and actually deliver some decent service.

So basically for the majority of the holidays (or "study preperation" if you want to call it that {psh}) I've been downloading....
Gigs of porn - which, funnily enough, I haven't had the time to watch purely because I've been drawing and watching "Let's Play" video's where you watch someone play a game. EXCITING FUN.
Additionally, I plan on downloading miscellaneous (THROUGH GREAT DIFFICULTY I MANAGED TO SPELL THAT WITHOUT SPELL CHECK. 100% FOR STANDARD ENGLISH, HERE I COME.) retro games that I missed in the 90s.
I've blogged about Tomba, and Medievil -- and I just downloaded Jet Set Radio BUT there's a part where you need a game controller, so I might have to get one off eBay because I am not going to be trifled by a simple dick like that.
Until that happens, I'm considering most definitely Abe's Odyssey because that's some epic shit and maybe the original MGS if I feel like it.


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