Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dumbcunt and ... Greg.

I was waiting for Huey's Cooking Adventures by watching Dharma and Greg.

Firstly, that's not a name, that's a religious term.

The shows not funny. It's almost as bad as that other show [which I can't remember] about a bunch of hillbilly fucks who managed to make a funny out of the fact that dog was god backwards. I APPLAUD YOUR STUPIDITY.

I watched the show until there was a big enough laugh as to me recording its appearance and scoff in disgust at what America presents their lack lustre humour to be.

"You're just like me wife, she's Canadian too... [comedic pause?] ... and she doesn't' like to sleep with men."

What part of that situation made it funny? Are you implying you married a lesbian? Or was it because she was Canadian, and thus all jokes about Canadians in an Americans eye must be humorous? Or are we all laughing because he just said his dick was too small, thus hindering his performance in the sack, thus turning his wife into a sex hating/deprived woman who doesn't like to sleep with men?

On top of that steaming pile of shit, more than half the jokes were word jokes - possibly even 'statements':

"Hey we should really get that door fixed / And clean up that poster board / We should call in a guy to fix the elevator"

"Heyyyy, you're already changing things left and right / Your mind is just like ... An IDEAS FACTORY!".

*Cue recorded laugh.*

WHAT THE FUCK, I DON'T UNDERSTAND. By stating the obvious, are you planning on being funny? Do the writers live in the real world, or are they consumed in their little bubbles of realms, believing that in comparing someone's mind to something of machine like status, you are somehow making a funny, and that in making this funny, you are going to make other people enjoy that horrible - not even a word play -.

Oh and by the way, the characters are dipshits. Characters of shows should be likeable - of this show, they are not. You got one uptight bitch who seemingly follows the advice of others in all her actions, and seems to bare no spine in making her own decisions - the idea of the writers is that when she makes some sort of decision for herself, she gets completely ignored, shadowed in someone elses actions, and is completely forgotten in cause.


Then you have faggot boy who actually only momentarily pops up and should actually be a supporting side character rather than actually having a status in the shows title.

"She hired me as a lawyer because she didn't want some shady guy..."
*Walks out wearing all black*

WOW, WHAT THE FUCK, I'M JUST CONFUZZLED AT THE FACT AT HOW THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY. I'd find more enjoyment in trying to gouge out my eyeballs with MY COCK.
For the most part, every time he interacts with the event of the show, he ends up fucking it up for everyone, and this is supposed to be funny. See, in real life, people like this wouldn't have any fucking friends because THEY ARE FUCKING WANKERS. These acts of fucking-things-up-for-the-rest-of-us usually end up in his being being frowned upon for his actions. Moral of the story? Don't be a fucking faggot douche like this guy.

IN SUMMARY: You have these two shit house characters who aren't actually required in the show because for one, they either do nothing, or do the worst things imaginable - both of which, they are incapable of being humorous at. They attempt to be funny by reading the 'state-the-obvious' lines provided by writers who presumably have penises for fingers, - these 'jokes' as they call them, don't even progress or phase the situation; Every time someone seethes one of these vile stench from their vocal chords, it's as if they didn't even need to say it, like as if they said it under their breath and in turn, MAKING NO DIFFERENCE WHAT SOEVER, THUS NOT REQUIRING THEM TO SAY IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Plot for the episode I watched:
"Oh hey, I just took my mothers position as president for some dilapidated group against her will - and to throw something else in the mix, there's going to be a woman who has an annoying voice AND at the risk of being racist, we're also going to add an Asian woman who has an over the top Asian accent!"
"Meanwhile, I'm being a douchey chump who takes onboard a case for a woman who wants to make music, but because I'm such a hated character, I end up failing. Not that anyone noticed because I only get 1/10th of the air time anyway despite sharing half of the shows title."

I ended up watching 'The Mr. Men Show' on ABC2. I'm not even joking when I say I found it satisfyingly entertaining despite its being a children show. The moral of the story was to eat 5 fruits or vegetables daily, better than previously mentioned show who's moral was "You are completely insignificant, and that doesn't' make you any more funnier".


ishraq said...


Kuoke said...

But I quite clearly stated that I like 'The Mr. Men Show'.

Buxton said...

Maybe, instead Dharma and Greg, you should've watched How I Met Your Mother.

Kuoke said...

It wasn't on?

Anonymous said...

Hey Quoc, how about YOU write a sitcom. Or just one scene. You don't need to take the piss, just write one funny scene for a sitcom - any sitcom - with already established characters. All original jokes and everything. Do it.

I realise you'll say that you don't need to be a comedic genius writer to point out something is totally shithouse, but I do need to point out here that by your own admission, 99% of people are idiots. A show that does not cater for idiots is called a failed show.

Or 'A Bit of Fry and Laurie'.

-Brendan (can't remember my google account password.)

Kuoke said...

WRONG. The fact that there are people funding these 'projects' is the begging cause of derailment, The fact that the people at the top of the chain are willing enough to spend their millions of dollars on shows which shouldn't even turn a profit makes claim that the entire structure of entertainment today is a complete failure. Furthermore, you'd have to know whether it was the idiots that made media, or the media that made idiots.

Anonymous said...

You're assuming that, in true 1950's uninformed imbecile fashion, that TV rots brain cells. People's intelligence is a mixture of nature and nurture - Their genes and education. No scientific studies have proven any link between TV watching and intelligence, let alone TV watching and enjoying shit television.

Kuoke said...

I never said that purely watching a television set would rot the brain, I'm stating that the content of which is delivered through means of the media fundamentally governs the basis of which a majority of humans develop their life amongst.

As, the case of 'swine flu' was over hyped, the masses will be entitled to swallow what the almighty force of news has spoon fed them as to educate them on what they believe to be of 'importance'. The same principle can be taken into if the collective gathering of though process were to diminish the intellectual content of entertainment media, the premise of which people would perceive entertainment would be skewed. If the gullible mindsets of the masses were to be TOLD that xyz was funny, they who would they trust in building up their opinions if not for the rest of the people around them? Now if a GROUP of people are to be forced unto this fallacy of intellect or humour, then they would, as sheep-ish humans do, follow in the wake the media has presented in front of them and take it upon themselves to see fit that they also conform to this travesty of perceptive intellect - that as a major media corporation would create and delegate the systems of which the masses act and react upon. It is the humour/intellect (or lack thereof) that they present that ultimately fashions the populations in order to mutilate 'what is' to a controlled 'what we tell you'.

The fact that there are people taking advantage of this and aren't trying to educate people of what is ACTUAL humour is one of the major problems of modern society.