Thursday, December 3, 2009

God will know.

And to the words of the wise, thou shalt not brave - for fear of the uncoming of the fallen. Those who have, have not the time nor the will, being of that 'godly' presence, omniscient in their approach, sing with their divine might only to themselves.

Bear witness as the witless shares knowledge with all while the enraged cusp shortened breath.

Lie to them, you shall - under the code of what has created fallacies for the humans to live in; Outside the Garden of Eden, yet bound by only that of their own mortal desire, the want to die and leave the lavished land of which that they did create.

The codex will be brought forth, and in place of the Lords name, the scriptures will guide the ever wandering humans to a star of unimaginable belief. Brace'd necks woven, taut by a wavering yet undying eye, reaches for the heavens it is misled to believe.


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