Friday, December 18, 2009

Stiff as a Board.

When I get bored, I "Google Image" seemingly innocent words and see how many pages it takes to get to something remotely pornographic.

"Rudolph" - 25.

I was actually trying to think of something festive to draw. I was going to draw a realist version of Santa drunk at one of those "Aviator Bars" or Rudolph with a shoop lazor coming from his nose - but most probably the first one because it's depressing.

Oh also, I might draw something furry (doing with ribbons, bondage and a reindeer) and tag it with "Murry Christmas" because I'm original like that.



genevieve at the disco. said...

gennys account

ishraq said...

Quoc, you're accelerating the demise of Christmas as a Christian tradition, etc.

Kuoke said...

Well I'd see it as already being devastated beyond belief. It's just the few Christians that are trying to reinforce the religion to the holiday in a futile attempt as such comparable to that of a spider trying to climb the slippery walls of a bath tub.

Which reminds me, I was supposed to save a lizard that was doing exactly that after I showered, but I forgot. I'll go check now. (This was yesterday).

So it's still there. And I tried to fetch it out, but accidentally forced it into the drain hole.

FUCK. I actually feel really bad now.