Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stephen Conroy.

I was skimming through the 'leaked censorship blacklist', and found that it was pretty much, just porn and 'shock sites' - that being, the only one I saw there was 2girls1cup. There were a bunch of loli sites, pedo sites, beast sites, gay porn sites (I think Morgan would have something against this) and then there were a bunch of porn sites which I actually know, and to which I'm pretty sure aren't in any direct violation of what Stephen Fagroy wants to censor - that being, child porn.

They also intend to block 4chan and all its sister sites. HAH, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

I had a look to see if they blocked any porn sites I know of, and thankfully, they didn't. Not that I won't boycott Australia if they decide to completely enforce the censorship - I'm fucking high tailing to the Free United States of these Americas. I'd rather have the chance of getting shot or stabbed increased 20 fold than live in a country where the last taste of freedom has been stripped from its very bones.