Monday, November 15, 2010


Really bad Youtube page pimping.

Took me a while, but disregarding demand/cash inflow/initial costs, if I sold posters, they would be about 10$ea, 5$ for postage to AUS, 10$ for international.
Might opt to simply pumping out poster style arts and selling that instead of commissions because that's dodgy.

Also, posted "Walk on Clouds" in a "I'll rate your art with my shitty opinion and lack of anything remotely related to intelligence". It got a 3/5. I mentally told her/him to fuck off because some lack lustre piece which ranks among things I did when I was 15 - really bad - got a 4.5/5.
Why you might ask? I can only assume it was because it had some form of subject matter dealing with blood and anime. Fuck you.

Looking around groups on dA.
Bunch of groups involving 'young/teen artist'.
Not to be a total douche, but when I scan the submitted works by said teens/youngins, I think to myself, I could rip all these bitches.

I'm a dick.
Also, might be making a Tumblr based on the sheer image per post idea.
Although I did laugh when one of the features promoted in the 'Reasons you should join Tumblr' was "High quality images".
Embiggened images are not high quality.
They are inefficient, and that is all they are.

Also, I have no idea what the fuck travel formal transport mobile device being.

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