Wednesday, November 3, 2010


You know how in Cataclysm, Camp Taurajo is burnt to the ground? Guess where I am right now.
It's funny, I was actually expecting Blizzard to do absolutely nothing and release Cataclysm out of no where, but in fact, they've started implementing Cataclysm lore related quest around the place where the citizens of Ogrimmar are starting to form cults and go crazy about 'the end of the world'.

One of which I did involved reading a book and answering a multiple choice questionnaire. It's like an exam IN WoW. It had something to do with the Aspects and how Nethalksnfsdnfs who protected Azeroth turned into Deathwing and all that shizz.

Good work Blizzard.

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katie. said...

[cue sentimental mush]
ahh, Camp T.
i learnt how to use the mailbox there.

24 more hours and i'm there.
how exciting!