Friday, November 5, 2010

Riding High For What It's Worth.

I had a dream where the sissies had the majority of the power within the school and for some reason there was an assassination plot planned for the last day of school. I was dragged into it because I wanted to make a clay version of a Minecraft spider and while in the shops looking for clay, I bumped into some people [from school] discussing the plot.

There was also an interlude where I wandered into a really nice English style university type thing with stylised enviromentally themed architecture which I thoguht was nice.

There was the final gathering/assembly or something where we all stood an closed our eyes in some sort of silence type thing, and I decide to slowly make my way behind some wall because at this point, I have no idea who the target is.

The Buxton gets head shotted and everyone starts applauding.

I shit you not, this was a totally real dream.