Thursday, November 18, 2010


Layout is being redone, as you probably could tell. If you came here during that, you'll know I almost fucked it up for about 2 hours yesterday I believe - I've lost track of time.

I was clearing out my room which started a week ago, now it's stuck in limbo with basically everything everywhere. I came across all that junk I've hoarded over the years and was tempted to do a really really bad nostalgia trip blog with images and such, but yea--no.

I will give some honourable mentions though:

2004 or 2005? - The mirror from the light reflecting device? stolen from the science labs by I would only assume Lawrence, which I later broke on the train in my defiance against the laws of luck. Hah, funny how that worked out.

2004 or 2005? - The tic-tac-toe board from Galaxy world. Obtained by each member of the - for some reason I think we called temporarily called ourselves - the Gay 5 (Myself, Dannis, Kevin T, Mala, Katrina). And on that note, 2 old school Galaxy world tokens before they went all small and everything.

2005 - The stick - literal fallen branch from a tree - I got on my birthday signed by Mr. Genvin, Stephen, Katie, Katrina, Blosia, Xinh and a couple more who didn't put their names down.

2009 - Green Lantern happy meal toy from Blosia which I still don't know why I even.

And basically every train ticket and receipt and miscellaneous paraphernalia from every outing since year 2005.

Also Genvin, I have yours or your sisters keys. What do?

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genvinout said...

OH no wonder I couldn't find it, oopsie doops. it ain't no thang, coz I've got a spare set, but apparently we're having another smortscast krew day, so you can get them back to me then. hurray!
when? I don't know either