Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I am so capped, I can't even connect to patch WoW, so expect daily blogs from me. Try to keep up.

Starting with things I put asterisks next to in this blog.

List of priorities.
  1. I need a job.
    Hell, what even happened to all those many people who said they'd hire me post-hsc? They seemed to have vanished faster than the grime in dishwasher commercials.
    I even offered to draw FOR FREE. No biters. Though one person gave me 42 dA points out of pity - that's about 5 cents.
  2. I can't really think of anything. Maybe money, but that's related to number 1.
  3. A new computer?
    My mother said she'd loan me 1k for a new comp, but I'm thinking it might be a waste because really, tools =\= skill. I'm thinking it might improve output rate or perhaps even efficiency, but yeah...
  4. Can't think of anything.

The problem, I imagine is having to whore yourself out. I've said this before, but posting around dA pretending to be some uppity opinionated outspoken douche bag isn't exactly the the trade off for getting jobs, though that seems to be the only real way to get them. GOD. I need some sort of advertising scheme that involves minimal effort. There are a bunch of silent artists I know of that don't participate at all in the community but have an onslaught of followers. HOW. It probably has something to do with the fact that their abilities are godlike - y'know, possibly because of that - but there are so much untalented whores on dA getting jobs and just like the real world, it comes down to the fact that there are horny mother fuckers willing to get down with aids because they are simply walking red lit streets. FUCK. WHORES.

I mentioned before that I'm actually offering to draw for free on the dA boards, but really, look at the replies column on that sub forum. If you didn't' click, it's basically a list of 0's, meaning that place is deader than fuck.


I wouldn't want to sound up myself in saying that I don't think that I'm so incredibly bad at art, thus being the reason I'm getting jobs, namely because the previously mentioned whores are a lot more worse than I am. By no means am I any where even close to the top tiers, maybe middle tier if I'm lucky, but dicks and whores, fuck these bitches.

All in all : Cockfest.

Here's a WIP:
After this I might redo Mallard because it's not exactly how I wanted it to turn out. Hell I even said it back then. Also, it somehow managed to get quite a bit of ad revenue, the highest actually, now that I look at it, disregarding Fiend Keeper, which was won an award, front paged and mentioned by Tom Fulp himself.



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Bob said...

...the fuck is this ^

On a side note, what happened to your first commissioned art thing?

Kuoke said...

"They seemed to have vanished faster than the grime in dishwasher commercials."