Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hey guise, to all those douche bag mother fuckers who actually like that line, or hell, 'liked' that Facebook group titled "You have enemies? Good, that means you stood up for something - Eminem", FUCK YOUR FACE. If you stopped being such a fuckwit, you might actually realise that that line is actually a quote from Winston Churchill.

Now I'm not saying at all it's Eminem's fault, it's just a bunch of dumbasses on Facebook, or rather, the entire planet who attribute an awesome quote to someone who borrowed it without knowledge of its origins. SERIOUSLY, fuck your face. HNGH ANGER AND RAGE, THUNDER HEED MY CALL.

On a related note, something I only realised a month or two ago, which also, I'm not sure if I'm slow or not, but Eminem's initials are M&M (Marshal Mathers.) And all this time I thought he named himself after a candy. Hurdur.

Back to point one, the world is full of dumbasses. At this point you and I both know I'm recycling content of this blog for the sake of posts, but hey, I've covered pretty much everything except for aliens and abortions.
Forget survival of the fittest, if anything, it should be survival of people who aren't dumb whiny bitches that don't do jack all to society. If anything, they're dragging the entire population down and like the survival of the fittest, they should be culled - but I'm assuming medicine intervened with it's large veiny cock waggling about and protested "I AM MEDICINE AND I AM FALSELY INDITING MYSELF AS THE SAVIOUR OF EARTH WHEN REALLY ALL I'M DOING IS KILLING IT FASTER."

All these bitches in lab coats saying medicine is only beginning - WHAT, I don't want to be alive at 200. Imagine what a soggy piece of shit you'd be. If people at 80 are basically wasting space and wasting their already expired life in a wheelchair by a window in the pensioners home, then why are they EVEN THERE. If we got rid of all the damn old people homes, we could have sooo many more strip joints and whore houses - because when you put it to a vote, you can always rely of the delinquents of the world to vote whores over old people ANY DAY - because they are simply minded FOOLS.

So yesterdays after Smortscast, my father is all like, "Were there any bitches up in this joint?" and obviously being the civilised and straight edge fucker I am, I raged at him about the cause of "What the fuck does it matter? Are you so simple and oafish that the only thing you can think your son can achieve in life is to stick his genitalia in to anothers genitalia?"


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