Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hoh shit son, it's December and I didn't even know it. We're moving forward so fast!


Another thing I really hate about the general populace, is that everyone has this unfathomable desire to move forward.


Has anyone really stopped for a second and thought to themselves, "Why the fuck would I want to move forward when I'm actually really stupid and don't know where I am right now?". Fact of the matter is, it seems that society seems to be wearing this cone on their face with a pinhole at its end, allowing them to see that there is a light directly in front of them. PROBLEM ARISES because they can only see the light as being in front of them, so like blinded horses, they run only forward. They don't even stop to think that maybe if they remove this cone, maybe everywhere is filled with light and the perception of being able to move forward is only in their minds.

This entire concept can be birthed from the incredibly well known, but not utilised fact that resources are finite, while humans wants aren't. All that people see now is what could possibly be held in the future, fuelled purely by this undying and evermore growing pool of wants and more wants. Idealistically, the 'moving forward' aspect is measured by the quality of life of the time, but the only reason people think that the present is bad is because their expectant minds are in belief that the future may hold a better quality of life.

But why would you want a better one? Why are humans devoting so much resources to something so futile - namely, every one's going to die - is it just the sheer and pathetic fear of dying and suffering? Because son, those are the 2 things in life you will not go without.

I dream of a world where society idly sits and watches the clouds, doing what ever the hell it wants, rather than the current world where everyone has meaninglessly pathetic wants and because of this, people are there to provide services to these shitty request and the world delves itself into pure and utter business. Everything's a business nowadays. Maybe if every individual on this planet realised how insignificant they and their wants are, the world can finally find some sort of peace.

But hey, I said 'dream' for a reason. Long story short, everybody is insignificant and their wants are more stupider than their faces.

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