Thursday, December 23, 2010

Book Of The Year.

Yearbooks in a nutshell:
Really? Why ask me for vectors when your printers are reminiscent of 2 bit printers FROM THE SEVENTIES. This is in reference to the covers - if you have a soft cover (and saved yourself 10 dollars on the horrendous thing) you can see every god damn pixel.
I haven't looked into it further than that - other than them actually covering the main aspects of my contribution (Year 8 and 12 backgrounds), leaving only the negative space to be shown - which if you're not a dumbass, IS WHAT ILLOGICALLY NONSENSICAL.
Seriously, I would never use Rockstar Memoirs ever in my life.

On a related note, not sure if this would offend anyone, namely Bob, but TCO - the portfolio page made me cringe just that little bit harder. I mean, the coding's fine, but unless you're aiming to do a text based adventure motif for a Zork or MUD fan site, you really really need some sort of design direction. I've seen 15 year olds with better design concepts that that. Seriously.

There are so many design studios which just seem to missing the boat but somehow, because there are those 40 something year old business people who don't know dick about the wide fantastical world that is the internet, they seem to be doing alright in terms of getting stupid clients.

A website shouldn't be a gallery or a museum, it should be like a party where the visitor doesn't get bored instantly because there's nothing to do. And whoosh, there's your daily dose of internet web design advice which I picked up from somewhere prestigious and well versed.

If you haven't seen this already and want some sort of comparison, I would imagine 2Advanced to have the best designed website in the world, because it's actually what the business does. Really, I wouldn't trust a website designer if their website was shit, hands down.
Although I'm disappointed they haven't updated their site in over 3 years.

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Tim said...

Hi, I'm not sure why you are linking to my site. I don't know if there is a graphics company called TCO in Australia but I'm a beginner just getting started here in America. Sorry you don't like my site, the next update will be better. Comparing my site to 2Advanced is kind of silly, we are in two different realms of the business.