Friday, December 31, 2010


Planning on making a site for legitimacy reasons. I'm most probably going to just go with Wordpress as opposed to potentially simply migrating to Tumblr because it's just a tad retarded - actually my main gripe is that with the 'preview HTML changes' is actually hella slow. seriously, 20 seconds to simply change codes that a computer should be able to complete a million within a fraction of a second? Fuck off Tumblr.
You can find the ruins of what I was doing for the majority of the day here, at my aptly named, never to be used Tumblr.

On a related note pretty much every domain that involves "kuoke" are taken. I am genuinely out of ideas.
I actually might end up using and renaming the comic to something more suitable because the story changed upon fleshing it out. Or apathycity. All these words have lost their meaning now, I've been starting at them for hours.


mediocricity is also being used by some Youtube user. Do not want to associate. Seems like the only option though. Taken, apparently.

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