Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Red Overtones.

WIP for "There is no love here (and there is no pain)". (lyrics from "Everyday is exactly the same")
The awkward outfit is from that faint idea I had a while ago, about a super villain called "The Heartbreaker". I imagined him to be one of those villains that seemingly has the most homosexual appearance, presence and name, but when he decides to fuck shit up, blood and gore cover the ceiling because he is just that devastatingly evil.
I assume the blood might come from the literal meaning of "heart breaker".

Side notes:
Entered a contest which I think no one actually entered. The prize is 50$ + future jobs + site affiliation. Hell, even if I come 2nd-5th I get site affiliation which is nice. When I pm'ed the guy, he said it was his favourite so far. Huzzah.

Bought another month's sub of WoW despite being capped for another week. I figured and calculated that it's really only 3$ that I'm 'wasting'. I can still go on and shit, but only when my brother isn't reading his fucking homo manga erotica and loading his god damn shitty anime. I can only conclude that every man in Japan has to wear ear plugs at all time to avoid their ears from bleeding profusely.

I only realised there was a 'run' button in Super Meatboy in the middle of world 3. Meaning I basically played 50 levels handicapped. I almost got a blister on the side of my finger which rests on the back of the controller because I grip way too hard when shit gets intense - which is the entire fucking game - if you're not a pussy gamer then go buy it. Maybe I'm just saying that to frustrate more people in the world.

Going to try and do more detailed/conceptual stuff from here on in because for the last couple of months I've been doing colour - which I'm pretty sure I've gotten down pat. Going to try and imitate modern western comic styles and blending it slightly with speed paint conceptual works - it'll look like shit at the end of the day.

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