Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dreams I Live Through.

I want to wear huge 1/2 face covering goggles instead of glasses. If any of you wear glasses, you know how really fucking annoying they are. Seriously, if we were invaded by Japanese air bombers like in WWII (y'know, because it's likely to happen) it'd be strenuously difficult to look up because the frames basically limit your abilities - so logically, I'd rather wear a visor type deal because for one, it would be practical, and two, if I became famous enough to get away with fashion disasters, I'd wear it as a signature item and possibly to conceal my identity.
Not because of the identity really, but I think that if I had some status, wouldn't it be more awesome if an anonymous being made the art as opposed to some regular everyday human? I'd think so. Also an alternate leather half coat. I posted a design ages ago for it. I'd basically be a superhero. Without the super. ...Or the hero.

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