Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blame Like Me.

I applied for a commission on dA for a price. Person said it might be out of their budget.

I can't really tell you the details, because it's super secret and shit, but it involves Warcraft, Pokemon and 10cc's of epicness. Anyway, the commission is to draw this as a Xmas present to her friend.

I told her I'd lower the price by 10$ because it was Xmas.
(The price is actually still pretty high and now I feel like a dick. I can't lower it BECAUSE THAT WOULD MAKE ME LOOK WEAK.)

Although, she needs it by Xmas, and I might have overshot my abilities because it seems far too epic to be completed in such a small time frame.

On a side note I made 30$ this morning, for a TRACE job. God.

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