Saturday, December 4, 2010


What do I do when I capped? Well it's been so long since I've been capped I don't even know anymore.

I started another Minecraft world because I actually hadn't played the Halloween update.
Quoc's log: I ended up making a long tunnel through a mountain. I was pretty satisfied when I got to the other side. Now to make a glass ceiling. I still haven't found any iron yet.Creeper crept up on me today as I was punching wood with a feather. Luckily I was right next to my spawn point. Chinese food again. Didn't like. End of Quoc's log.

Another downside of being capped is that Totalbiscuit did a playthrough on Meatboy. HNGHGODDAMMIT. I won't be able to watch it until the 12th at 10pm which is exactly when I uncap. The upside however is that I'm actually forced to draw. On that note, "Drake" coming up next post, as soon as the video finishes rending and is uploaded - which will probably take hours. BLASTED INTERNET.

I called Centrelink today about study details, which are basically non-existent, so I have to head over to their evil lair to sign a contract for some reason to officially become a 'job seeker'. I wish the actual status was as cool as the title sounded. Apparently it's the same thing as Youth Allowance, but they pester you every month to actually get a job. How would I know this? My brother's been on it for 2 years. BA DUM PSH.

Vincent pretty much already compiled a list of parts should I get a new computer. But now I'm thinking - should I get a second monitor so that I actually have 2 computers? Because this one ain't broke or nuffin', it's just slow for my standards, BECAUSE I LIVE FAST JUST TO DIE SLOW and I would really like to paint at full resolution 18x12" posters as opposed to 13.5x9" - of which, if I ever printed might be a bit shoddy. (Flyaway machine was way less, and it seemed to turn out alright...)

I've pretty much gotten an image for the redux of "Heaven where I stand", but I've been meaning to do a series of images for "I'm the conversation, you're the game" but I started when I was unable to draw (Smortscast 2 day) and that basically ruined it for me.
I know no one gives a flaming shit, but here's a list of songs I want to draw upon (HAR PUN.)
Zero 7 - Pop Art Blue. ("I was too busy staring at you")
Nine Inch Nails - Every Day Is Exactly The Same. ("There is no love here and there is no pain" / "I think I used to have a purpose... Then again, that might have been a dream" / "I believe I can see the future" [Basically the entire song])
Couple of songs from Linkin Park's Reanimation album.
More I can't remember.

"Drake" time lapse is uploading now, so now I will go dream about horrible, horrible things.


genvinout said...

just saying, Every Day Is Exactly The Same was pretty much the only Nine Inch Nails song I listened to and enjoyed when Stephen gave me their album in year 8. hurray

dannwas said...

wow this zero 7 song is actually really good

Kuoke said...

Agreed. (@both.)