Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crab Cakes.

Things to do but will most probably be delayed due to WoW:

1. Walk On Clouds revamp. (Expect it in 2 days perhaps.)
2. Actually play the new Minecraft. I started a new game for 5 minutes, died to a Creeper, and stopped because I died to a Creeper in the first 5 minutes of a new game.
3. Get to level 40 because 160% movespeed is AS SLOW AS A SEVERED FLACCID DICK FALLING UP A HILL.

4. Get a new computer, because apparently I'm only just over the bare minimum requirements to play Cataclysm. And obviously, I would get a brand spanking new computer, just to play WoW.
I don't remember if any of the readers actually sell computer stuff other than Robert -- but I will be in requirement of computer building related business post-hsc [just the tower, specifically].

Oh and the min. req's to play WoW is half a joke [you should probably check it, cause it would suck lieutenant balls if you bought the game prior] because I need a beast of a comp to properly paint 18x12" images without a lick of lag.

Here's something to break the text despite being at the end of it:

Vaguely obtained through Dannis's Youtube recent history. Check all the video's, they're good.


genvinout said...

Stephen's mum actually owns a computer shop

Kuoke said...

Oh, I was gonna say Stephen, but I'm unsure whether they would be able to build specific to my needs.

That's not supposed to sound like I think they're stupid, but are they just a 'computer shop that sells computer things', or do they do custom builds and shit?

dannwas said...

oh what, i never knew you could view youtube history. man i've probably watched some embarassing shit.
but yeah, the pokemon one where the random kid turns up and ash is like, man who the fuck is you? is probably the best out of all of them, though the x-men one is pretty good.

if you havent seen that juggernaut parody, watch that one

Kuoke said...

The Pokemon one showed because you liked it.