Monday, November 29, 2010


I think I have Jess T's beret.

Someone pass on the message.

I also still have Genvins keys.
Also about the Shove It money, split it however you want, I don't really care any more. If you're going to do maths with it, I think I had $210 - 230.


Buxton said...

Getting some.

genvinout said...

fuck, I should probably actually finish the rest off.
how much of the profit have you got on you right now?

dannwas said...

why dont you go to her house

Kuoke said...

Genvin - I'm figuring the costs as:
220(stickers) + 800 (shirts) - 135(hoodie profits) = 885.

So Max profits should be 1500 - 885 = 615.

I have 225 (100 in the bank, if you want to be specific) so you should have 390 in either cash or shirts.