Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cargo Haul.

My life consist of drawing, WoW, applying for miscallaneous art jobs on DeviantArt/Newgrounds and filling out job application forms given to me by Centrelink every 2 weeks.

Goals right now:
  1. Art skillz.
  2. Get a beast computer.
  3. Get Centrelink off my back. (You know, obviously not the more logical, long term solution of 'getting a job')
  4. Maybe DC Universe Online.
  5. Draw a flying postal whale.
Goals in order of progress:
  1. Draw a flying postal whale.
  2. Get Centrelink off my back.
  3. Get a beast computer.
  4. Maybe DC Universe Online
  5. Art skillz.
Postal whale will be nice though. I am pleased with it's progress. (It's not being speed/rage painted, so that's probably why.)


genvinout said...

wow after I read the Goals Right Now, I actually made a note to myself to comment and tell you to do the flying postal whale first. actually really keen

Kuoke said...

It's basically done. I've yet to add misc. details and the background, but it should be done and on my Tumblr tomorrow.

genvinout said...

aww yeah. hey by the way Quoc, I've still got that tiny basketball from your place, I found it inside Cedric the platypus