Sunday, January 9, 2011


This is probably more of a WIP blog now, than anything.

Ideas that I have that I will do at a later date:
  • Fanart/Starwars - Jedi's with light-chainsaws.
    (I saw something similar but with regular chainsaws, so I thought I'd up the anti.)
  • Revamp/Fanart - Megaman and Astroboy back to back fighting against Dr. Wily and Dr. Tenma.
    (This is why I hate doctors. You've never heard of a villain called "Garbage Man Dave" or that shit, have you?)
  • Fantasy - Giant flying jellyfish over fields.
    (Giant aquatic creatures in the air is a likeable idea.)
Image I'm working on now (and the reason I'm not doing the above ideas right now):
  • WHAT IF...? : I did the cover for 'Reach For Eden' with actual effort and added a touch of badassery.


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Genevieve said...

giant aquatic creatures in the sky sounds extremely appealing. gennys account

Buxton said...

I was also going to say ante.