Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cripple The Fiend.

So this is pretty late, seeing as how I heard about this months ago, but I guess it's your choice to read this or not.

'DJ' Tiesto. Yes, that fellow.

Actually fuck it. I was going to say something along the lines of:

"I was watching a video on Totalbiscuits page which redirected my to PressHeartToContinue - where she said 'DJ Tiesto is amazing' - So I was like, hey, an attractive gamer girl said to check something out, because I have testicles, I should totally take her advice.
So I Googled it, and lo' and behold, turns out he did a 'Adaigo For Strings' """REMIX""".
At this point, I've heard and quite liked the Bond cover of it - sure it was a bit more 'pop' than its original 'sombre' intentions but hey, drums never hurt anybody.

So I listened to it, expecting something good.

Ok, I'm going to put this in the most blunt way possible:
Being a """DJ'""" and """remixing""" a song is in no way viable if all you do is play a shitty trance loop and use your immense disc jockeying skills to swap tracks (which I'm sure is either a 2 button press, or even just a slide switch) to the remixed song temporarily in the middle of the song and then swapping back to your shitty loop.

I didn't bother with anything after that because really, ruining a song like that - just no. Fuck you."

But then I got distracted at PHTC's channel. Apparently she literally fell on her face.

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