Sunday, January 23, 2011

One Two Two Two Two One Three.

Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania - oh wait, that's actually a state... Brisbane, Wait what is it? Hobart, Perth... Wait, what's the Northern Territory one. Wait is it Adelaide? Or is that South Australia...

Oh Canberra if that counts.

There's that city at the top of NT that eludes me. Hum. Wait:
NSW - Sydney,
QLD - Brisbane,
VIC - Melbourne,
TAS - Hobart,
WA - Perth,
SA - Adelaide,
NT - Seriously, the only 2 places I know from this place are Alice Springs and Uluru.

Fuck this, I'm Googling it.

Oh, Darwin. Hah.

This was my response to 'Adelaide' being the most "liveable city" (Whatever the fuck that means).
Adelaide is like the last thing that comes to my mind ever.

And that's all from "I am fucking horrible at geography".

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dannwas said...

what? alice springs is in NT?