Saturday, January 1, 2011

Post Nautical.

Actually yeah fuck it, I'll probably just the Tumblr I made to reserve the name a month ago.

(Decision made because BB decide to follow after I explicitly said I'm never going to update it ever.)

Rage and shit will stay here.
Art and shit will go there.

I'll probably just fold because despite my self proclaimed will power and post shit everywhere, I haven't managed to do anything I've set out to do for the last couple of months. Maybe my resolution should be to fail at something. THEN OH SHIT PARADOX.


Strabo said...

It was a spur of the moment sort of decision, really. It's not like I follow anyone at all.

You'd be better off with your own domain name, I think. Just thinking from the perspective of a graphic novel publisher, I would be more likely to give money to a domain name rather than to a tumblr account.

Kuoke said...

Too late. Already pimped out the backer.