Thursday, January 20, 2011

Midnight Garden.

So this client I'm working with doesn't respond to my 'terms and payment' conditions email so I semi-harass him with emails asking what's with the delay - turns out, as I should've known because he told me straight up when the ad was put up, that his client -- *he's a tattoo artist and he needed a design* -- was at a funeral which is the reason he's getting the tattoo - in memory.

Now, should I feel like a dick? I'm going to say no, because this is business, AND I AM CRAZY STRICT BUSINESS/COMMERCE MAN AT USYD.
I told Buxton that and I couldn't tell if he knew I was joking or not, because the idea of me going to University is absolutely hilarious.

I should probably add on a side note I tried to squeeze another ten dollars out of the guy.


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Buxton said...

I knew you didn't apply for uac. Calm.