Friday, June 26, 2009

Entertain Lament.

I've almost finished my Centipede picture (refer to post prior). It looks fucking awesome - and if I don't win even 5th place in the contest, I'm going to stab myself in the dick, through the hole thingy.

After that, I don't actually have anything planned. Other than actually doing homework/assignments like I should, or even actually working on that Space Pirate game I'm just going to sit here and try to find old music because I can't be bothered to download more - because it takes an hour per album. As of right now, I've been reduced to listening to Umbrella by Rihanna.

I may or may not recommend Juke Bottle Casino AKA Red M simply because they're slightly, or possibly not awesome at all. There's a high probability you will hate this music... if you can even call it music to begin with.
In a vague and twisted way, an even more godlike (and actually professional, for that matter) artist is Bassnectar.

I can also recommend :
Fatboy Slim.
How could you possibly not like this song.

Lupe Fiasco.
Rap that actually has more depth than a fucking busting-a-cap-in-yo'-ass puddle.

All female 4 piece string quartet. Fucking awesome. The 2nd girl in that video got fatter or something.

E.S Posthumus.
Orchestral. Awesome orchestral. This song is featured in The Matrix, I think when Neo and that other thingy were having sex. Yeah, that part.

Juno Reactor.
'Those guys that made 'that song' from The Matrix'.

On the topic of recommendations, here's a brilliantly well done webcomic :
Read it, I don't even have to explain how cute and funny this comic is. There's a point where one of the characters is an ear of corn that doesn't actually do anything buy smile, and fly.

It's sortof like Buxton, except Buxton isn't awesome enough to fly.


Also ;
[ART-OFF!] #2


Anonymous said...

Coz Lupe Fiasco can skate even though he raps about it.

I'm also a poser.

Draw me a sick moose.

Kuoke said...

So by that, you'd also assume that he was a mute being studied by scientist, a zombie gangster and a major fast food manager?

I'm guessing that all the bands you listen to talk exactly about what they do and are.