Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Blunt Social Criticism.

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Technically speaking, I spent a good deal of time planning the structural aspects, such as the context of the boxes to aesthetic height, ie; the "I Wish..." in a higher up, vast horizon shot, as opposed to the sad reality set in the bottom of the image, depicted against a gutter. The middle box, containing hope, a dream yet to be vanquished - in an open plane, the 'dredged city' in the background, as she runs away from its clutches along paths and fields of spotlessness.
Also, the parts of the body in comparison to the thoughts, - the wishful thinking juxtaposed to the characters head, as it's all contained within; While her feet, giving her stability, and a sense of reality as the only means of attachment to what she fears most.

Originally, I was going to have the text alot more depressing, but midway, I decided to change it to something more relative to todays society - full of youths bound in the pit of a hell of a world, though knowledgable of such occurrences, are able to shrug it off with a whim of what most would refer to as 'getting used to it'.

If I had kept the original context, the last frame would've read :
"At least we can dream..."


LenGgiiee said...

Wow you planned it all out o_o

Is that quote your own? =O

Kuoke said...

And Yes.

I'd prefer to differentiate 'art' from 'illustrations'.

I'd call this art.

Illustrations are meaningless in their existence other than to entertain, or portray an idea; While Art is created as a means to deliver a message, criticise/question the world, or convey emotion.

...Point being, 'art' is always planned. More specifically though, I didn't plan it right from the start. I had the initial idea, of which I compiled techniques and visual representation to form the final image.