Monday, June 8, 2009

Pimp my blag.

Too bad we don't look this badass in real life.

I was gonna do more, but I think I'll leave it.

Tablet should come today. Apparently shipping skips weekends.


LenGgiiee said...


BLOSIA. said...

hey, that's really cool

Deevan said...

What the hell Buxton had better not be wearing Vans.
Also you wear neither flare nor bootcut. I would say straight leg.

Is that a picture of a crying face.

Maybe your tablet won't arrive because it's a public holiday.


Kuoke said...

...What? In no state of hell would you EVER draw someone's pants as a completely straight line.
The only event that that actually occurs in real life is when the person is wearing either stockings, tights, skin tight socks or a really well ironed business suit.
Alternatively, no article of clothing, or fabric for that matter ever goes STRAIGHT DOWN according to gravity.
AND WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WITH ALL THIS FASHION-LINGO. I had to Google those terms to make sure we were on the same page, AND EVEN WHEN I DID, I WAS STILL RIGHT. They don't look anything like bootcuts, or flares.

The sad face is a follow on from the last blog, and a reaction to the first sentence of this blag.

Also, "Please note that Transit times exclude weekends, but not public holidays."
From :

Kuoke said...

* Also, the shoes of anything I draw are of random lines/designs and not meant to mimic anything from real life.