Monday, June 8, 2009

Is it Ho or Hoe.

what the hells the correct spelling of a ho. Is it with or without the 'e'. to end the debate gonna settle it now.

Reasons for ho:
- its shorter
- its the shorter version of the word whore
- the word 'hoe' is a gardening tool, only

Reasons for hoe:
- ho is what santa says, 3 times consecutively
- in rap lyrics its spelt hoe
- when in plural form its hoes, wtf is hos.

Leh comment on which one you think is correctass, otherwise lickcay hetay dsaay


BLOSIA. said...

- in rap lyrics its spelt hoe

I'm settling for hoe.

Kuoke said...

LenGgiiee said...

i always spelt it hoe.

btw its supposed to be "lickcay hetay adshay" LOL

Anonymous said...

wow, nice layout :D

through.rains.and.smiles. said...

LOL ben so random.