Monday, June 1, 2009


Read Robz'z blag, my version :

[If for some reason I alted to a house instead of an apartment...] I'd want 4 fucking walls, a roof, and a ceiling.

One fucking AWESOME room.

That way, walls won't get in the way of walking. [But, excluding the bathroom / laundry, obviously].

I'd want all these walls, ceilings and floors to be BLECK. Why? - Because it'd be fucking awesome. Point - to make the entire house look like an empty abyss of FEAR, and GRIM ASPECTS. On top of that, if I ever decide to be AWESOME, I'd whip out some paint and paint shit EVERYWHERE.

I'd also want my front door to face the east, and looking towards a body of water. This will maximise fengshui potential - Also, I'd have angled-crosses on the outside of all my corners and walls; exuding bad fengshui to my neighbours.


I would choose mirror walls. But I'd think they'd break too easily.


wolf said...

i would never get mirrored walls.. bloody creepy as, also 1000x power of the sun in your room + 1000x power glares reflection into your eyes.

that prolly made no sense

Kuoke said...

Yeah but... it'd look like you were in the middle of a void - and that would be FUCKING AWESOME.