Sunday, May 30, 2010

10 Gallons.

I'm trying to go around commenting on peoples artworks on DA to make my presence known and stuff, but when I look, it's either:
  1. Photography - I don't comment on them because what are you supposed to say.
  2. Photoshopped - No.
  3. Heavily photoshopped photography - There was this good one where they made the sky a rainbow, but effort = none. So no comment for you.
  4. Anime - Less.
  5. Really good - What are you supposed to say, other than suck their dick.
  6. Really fucking bad - Like, I'd want to yell at them and tell them how bad they are, but that would defeat the purpose.
So in about 40 minuets I've made one comment.


BLOSIA said...

is there a forum?

Kuoke said...

Yeah but the general forums are flooded with either twats, or topics that should have reached conclusions 5 years ago.
I commented a couple of times in the art forum, but yeah.

Also, the chat is full of - Just. Yeah.