Sunday, May 2, 2010

600th Post

hurp stole 600th post.

So I've finally read the Kick-Ass graphic novel. My verdict is that it is not better than the movie.

Overall the graphic novel is much more darker compared to the movie. Also when Red Mist puts on his costume, he looks like a 30 year old pedo. But surprisingly I actually laughed at some bits. Katie is also a f*cking bitch in the graphic novel. The storyline isn't as stable as the movie. Did you realise my sentences are actually just dot points?

But I'm no expert on graphic novels since its the first one I have ever read. But MOVIE > GRAPHIC NOVEL > PRETTY MUCH ANY OTHER MOVIE.

ALSO: Quoc you have my email password and I need to access it to retrieve some notes my tutor sent me ASAP. Either give me my password for a day or two or print all of the notes off for me (I don't know how much there is).


Kuoke said...

Check drafts.

genvinout said...

fuuuuuccckkkeeeeddd uuuppppp

Kuoke said...

I actually meant because I put his password in a post draft because I'd have to actually call him in order to make contact otherwise.