Thursday, May 20, 2010

I got 99 donuts coz a bitch ate one

Blehs. So my mum told me that my cousin, who is about an inch taller than me is aiming to weigh about 80 kilograms. This is cause his mum has a philosophy in which you should eat as much as you can because the more you weigh the more you're going to grow taller and if you don't then working off the fat shouldn't be too hard.

Hence my cousin eats as much as he can. And I don't like him. Coz he likes it up the bumhole. Metaphorically.

Also, Quoc, why is Mariam commenting on Facebook in photos I'm tagged in?


Kuoke said...

Because she's confessing her love for you.

Sudeep tagged you on her crotch area.

genvinout said...

what's his bumhole a metaphor for?

Buxton said...

for being a fag.